Rayne Parish Council's reply to the invite to the workshop

Dear Christopher,

After discussing with my councillors at Rayne Parish Council, it was decided that I will not be present at the fore mentioned workshop.

As a neighbouring Parish, we are wholly opposed to one of your proposed Garden Communities. We cannot justify how or why these workshops are taking place now?

The public consultation on Section 1 of the local plan is now completed and we await the public examination by the Inspector and his subsequent report to find out if the Garden Communities are to be a viable option for the North of Essex.

To hold these workshops to find out what Stakeholders 'want' on the proposed GCs going forward is very much premature and a waste of taxpayers money. Surely an event like this should be held after the Inspectors ruling has been released, if the Garden Communities were to be found safe.

I would not want my or any other stakeholders presence to construed as supporting the building of the GCs, before they have been given the go-ahead.

The timing of the workshop is not overly helpful for full time working people and the venue is on other side of the county as to where Rayne and our opposition to the West of Braintree is.

So on this occasion I will not be attending.

Kind regards



Ann Hooks
Chair Rayne Parish Council