NEGC Facebook posts run contrary to submitted plans

The following is a comment made by the NEGC on their Facebook page. It's interesting that they speak of providing infrastructure alongside new homes, when this, in fact,  has been one of the greatest concerns of the lcoal community... there is a distinct lack of suitable infrastructure detailed in the submitted documents.


'The feedback that has been provided so far from residents will have been on the Councils' local plans. Our engagement programme is different to the recent Local Plan consultation the planning authorities (Braintree, Colchester and Tendring) ran, which was a statutory exercise.

We are listening. We are hearing how you love where you live and we do understand.

The reality is that homes do need to be built in north Essex. The Councils strategy is not to have loads of piecemeal but adopt a new vision via Garden Communities. The difference being is that Garden Communities are based on providing infrastructure alongside new homes. This means jobs, health and well-being centres, education and investment for roads and travel - infrastructure that wouldn't otherwise be provided. For further information please visit our FAQ's: