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8 good reasons to visit Andrewsfield

If the NEGC/North Essex Authorities are successful at getting permission to build 10,000 houses in the West of Braintree development, Andrewsfield will be gone.

It doesn't matter if they say they will erect some type of memorial to celebrate the airfields history, this treasured little place surrounded by beautiful rural Essex countryside, will cease to exist.

Here are 8 good reasons why you should consider making the effort to visit it while you still can;

1. To remember those who gave their lives to protect this nation

The casualty rate of crews leaving on missions from Andrewsfield during World War Two, was high. It is difficult to imagine how hard it must have been to experience the brutal reality of the situation.

Reading a couple of stories by people close to those who were there, is a sad introduction to what was endured and a sobering reminder of how grateful we should be to those who gave their lives so that we may enjoy the lifestyle we have today.

2. To learn to fly

Andrewsfield has a reputation for the quality of the flying lessons provided. If you not sure whether learning to fly is something for you, why not take a trial lesson and give it a try.

3. To learn to fly better!

The airfield offers many different courses from absolute beginners, up.

4. To sit and watch the planes

It's in the middle of beautiful Essex countryside. Take a trip down and relax in the seating area outside.

5. For lunch

The lunch menu is delicious and very reasonably priced. The kitchen is open every day until 3pm.

6. To have afternoon coffee and cake

If you're not up for a full lunch, a selection of cakes with tea or coffee is available at any time.

7. To enjoy the bar

Open till 9pm, everyday, Millibar is open to everyone and is a great place to enjoy a pint with friends.

8. It's a great destination for a walk

A 50 minute walk from Stebbing, or 43 minutes from Great Saling, it's always handy to have a great destination while out for a walk. Dogs are welcome, and watch out for the deer as you cross the fields.

Visit the Andrewsfield website to get more information on what's available.

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Proposals to build thousands of new houses on an airfield that was home to American soldiers who contributed to D Day is an "insult", campaigners say.

Read article in Telegraph

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My name is Tom Farrell. I was contacted regarding the plans to develop Andrews Field for housing, and the movement to challenge these development plans.

As many with a distant connection to Andrews Field I am saddened that this is even a topic of discussion. Andrews Field has been, and always will be, hallowed ground and a monument to the men and women who used it as a base to fight Nazi Germany and protect our way of life.

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Correspondence from Paul Maynard - Department of Transport

department of transport general aviation

File size: 410kb


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Nuisance from helicopters and light aircraft

Nuisance from helicopters and light aircraft


Briefing Paper: From House of Commons Library

February 2017

File size: 175kb


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Examination of the Uttlesford Local Plan

Examination of the Uttlesford Local Plan

examination of uttlesford local plan

Andrewsfield New Settlement Consortium

Matter 8: The Proposed New Garden Communities - Specific Matters

File size: 230kb


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WoB Essex Farms (Saker Estates) submission of future land north of Andrewsfield

essex farms

January 2018

File size: 6.95MB


Examination Matter: Andrewsfield and Current Planning Guidance over Airfields

examination statement

Local Plan Examination Statement July 2019
Uttlesford District Council

By Dr Michael Frost

File size: 104kb


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Andrewsfield and WoB Development

Andrewsfield Airfield - BDC Local Plan submission for re-development as a Garden Town

af bdc submission

This document outlines the vital services the general aviation sector provides and asks why, without evidence to support the claim, Garden Communities are being seen as a solution to affordable housing. Stunning ariel photos also clearly demonstrate all that will be lost if this development is allowed to proceed.

File size: 2.41MB


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