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Garden Communities Prospectus
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The governments document on Garden Communities

Last updated June 2019

Guidance: Garden Communities

Large scale new developments that will create well-planned, sustainable places for people to live.

Read and download the prospectus here

Braintree Council let slip the real reason behind WoB development
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Here's a link to the full Braintree District Council meeting on Monday 7th October. And there's a couple of worrying points;

1. Emphasis and reliance on housing development to generate council taxes to prop up council finances. More properties = more council tax. Focus on growing council tax base. This has nothing to do with need for affordable housing: "Grows the Council Tax base of the Council through the provision of development sites for high quality residential properties of all tenures, across all areas of the District."

2. A really sensible motion put forward by Cllr Abbott (below) - but a depressing debate followed, with puerile and political point-scoring . It missed the point and is summed up by Cllr Mckee saying the Greens care more about hedges than hedge funds.

Independent Councillors Visit the library
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councillorsOn Wednesday 4th September, we welcomed Councillors Tom Walsh (Independent) and Nick Unsworth (Independent) to our little pop up library.

We were delighted that they were wishing to learn more about local’s issues and the impact about the WoB on the existing communities.