Tuesday, 15 October 2019 05:42

Braintree Council let slip the real reason behind WoB development

Here's a link to the full Braintree District Council meeting on Monday 7th October. And there's a couple of worrying points;

1. Emphasis and reliance on housing development to generate council taxes to prop up council finances. More properties = more council tax. Focus on growing council tax base. This has nothing to do with need for affordable housing: "Grows the Council Tax base of the Council through the provision of development sites for high quality residential properties of all tenures, across all areas of the District."

2. A really sensible motion put forward by Cllr Abbott (below) - but a depressing debate followed, with puerile and political point-scoring . It missed the point and is summed up by Cllr Mckee saying the Greens care more about hedges than hedge funds.

Braintree Council Webcasting : Listen from Agenda point 8

- Cllr Abbott points out that an investment strategy must be both commercial and green.
- Cllr Mckee says his skill is financial and says the council must become more commercial (but ignores the point that this could also include being green)
- Cllr Hicks raises the point about poor Conservative behaviour in chamber
- Cllr Beavis - reminds of need for respectful behaviour in chamber and believes that the council appears out of touch

The motion was to add these paragraphs to the councils' investment strategy:

"This Council agrees that given the global climate change and species crisis, and noting that the Council declared a Climate Emergency in July 2019, that its integrated strategy and plans will take full account of the need and opportunities to :
• Improve energy efficiency;
• Conserve water and other resources;
• Install clean and green renewable energy technologies;
• Protect existing habitats and species and ensure net biodiversity gain on development sites.
This Council also agrees that its investment strategy will be developed on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. This will ensure that investment supports sustainable development, high ethical standards, enhances the social fabric of local communities and avoids health impacts to people and harm to the wider environment"

Separate thanks to Cllr Abbott for standing up for hedgerows under agenda point 7.
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