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What the house builders say…
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Following the UDC Local Plan Consultation - here's an overview of what house builders have to say about the development.

Councillor Russell Davis from Rayne
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The Proposed West Of Braintree New Town Is Right On Your Doorstep
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Many of you will already be aware of the proposals and also the current public consultation ahead of the (re)examination of the Local Plan which is continuing to push forward the New Towns (‘Garden Communities’) including West of Braintree which is immediately adjacent to the village. Others may be less familiar with the plans.

It is essential that as many people as possible respond to the consultation so that the Planning Inspector - who has already rejected the same sites once - understands the extent of local opinion. This is effectively your last chance before the New Town at West of Braintree is potentially irrevocably confirmed, with building starting in 2025 and running into the 2060s.

Gravel Extraction at Broadfield Farm
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The gravel extraction (we are trying very hard for it not be called a quarry) will have about 58 lorry movements a day, and will take up to 14 years.

Now that it looks like they have everything in place bar the last of the signatures, that would mean they could start this year, which would take the extraction to 2033....(what a year!)