Thursday, 05 September 2019 10:06

Gravel Extraction at Broadfield Farm

The gravel extraction (we are trying very hard for it not be called a quarry) will have about 58 lorry movements a day, and will take up to 14 years.

Now that it looks like they have everything in place bar the last of the signatures, that would mean they could start this year, which would take the extraction to 2033....(what a year!)


The site and length of extraction would have been longer, but there is a gas main which runs across the field and that has stopped them working as close to Rayne as they had planned....silver linings!

The planning application still has the restoration clause. Which, if they follow the ECC planning consent, means it has to be returned to a natural state. I don’t know if this can be over ruled by the GCs. But if it does remain that means that Rayne will have a natural buffer to the WoB. Plus who would want to build on land that has been excavated down to 16 meters?

But of course that means it will push the housing density towards Saling and Stebbing. (I’m only surmising here, but a good train of thought?!)

Once the documents are public I will share. Although the the original planning appication should be able to be viewed.

Ann Hooks
Chair - Rayne Parish Council

View documents about the Gravel Extraction/Quarry