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What the house builders say…

Following the UDC Local Plan Consultation - here's an overview of what house builders have to say about the development.

Focussed Changes of the Regulation 19 Local Plan (Garden Communities for WOB)

Bloor Homes (PSLPA 192)

‘Over dependency on Garden Communities and over-ambitious expectations with regards to timing and delivery.’

‘Given the number of ‘significant concerns and potential areas of risk in terms of legal challenge” identified by AECOM we submit that the council should go further than highlighting an elevated risk in the respect of the delivery of WoB GC and instead remove the allocation from the emerging plan.

Bovis Homes (PSLPA 206)

‘The Current evidence base is not considered sufficiently robust to demonstrate the deliverability of the proposed garden communities.’

‘the housing proposed to be delivered through the garden communities should be omitted from the proposed housing trajectory, not least until further evidence base work is undertaken.’

Countryside Properties Ltd (PSLPA 164)

‘ if they are sufficient to warrant the NEAs Inspector concluding that they would render those Plans unsound, then the Uttlesford element of the WOBGC should be deleted from the emerging Uttlesford Local Plan until those concerns are resolved.’

‘Uttlesford element of the WoB GC will start delivering new homes by 2025/26 delivering a total of 970 new homes in the plan period. Given our comments above, this is completely unreasonable and unevidenced position to adopt.’

Iceni Projects (PSLPA32)

‘highlights concerns raised in the Reg 19 Representations on the timescales of the garden communities. Changing the wording effectively recognises that there is no certainty over housing delivery and presents an unacceptable loosing of the councils commitment to delivery.’( Iceni Projects PSLPA32)

Taylor Wimpey (PSLPA75)

‘Paragraph 14 of the NPFF states that Local Plans should meet objectively assessed needs with sufficient flexibility to adapt to rapid change. This should mean to have a deliverable set of sites now, rather than await a review.’

Pegasi Management (PSLPA201)

‘the reliance on the delivery of homes in the new Garden Communities represents an extremely high risk strategy…given the higher infrastructure costs associated with new settlements. The dependence on new settlements poses a risk that these sites will not be deliverable or will not meet the timelines due to challenges of providing extensive infrastructure.’

Galliard Home (WYG Grosvenor for Galliard PSLPA76)

It is after all the private sector developer that has the experience of undertaking development, not the public sector organisation that has only been in existence for a short time and has no experience of carrying out development at all.’

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