The Heroic History

Andrewsfield has been, and always will be, hallowed ground

My name is Tom Farrell. I was contacted regarding the plans to develop Andrews Field for housing, and the movement to challenge these development plans.

As many with a distant connection to Andrews Field I am saddened that this is even a topic of discussion. Andrews Field has been, and always will be, hallowed ground and a monument to the men and women who used it as a base to fight Nazi Germany and protect our way of life.

I will never forget my father reliving that awful moment, 56 years later

Thank you for inviting our family to provide feedback regarding the proposed destruction of Andrews Field to make way for a housing development in the Great Saling area.

When you told me what the plan was, I can’t begin to describe how upset it made me. I can only imagine how your residents feel. Andrews Field is a historical aviation site, a national and world treasure.