What is the WoB Library?

Still in its infancy, the library will include a great source of information not only about Garden Communities in general but also from the Braintree District Council (BDC) and the Uttlesford District Council (UDC) local plan documents and submissions. For WoB proposals this is especially important, as locals have been asked to consider two local plans by two planning inspectors.

Despite assurances of ‘duty to cooperate’ between BDC and UDC there has been no joint publicly presented plan for WoB locals to consider which leads to even more confusion and lack of clarity.

This is what genuine grassroots local community engagement should be. Being one of the celebrated garden city principles this has to go hand in hand with genuine local political representation.

It is obvious that the silent majority are silent because they don’t know what the local plan proposes. 

The local community simply wants to be able to understand what the deal is and whether it is value for their tax payer’s money.

Lead by the parish council.